A meaningful partnership 752

A meaningful partnership 752

a meaningful partnership by du youkang (china daily),abercrombie
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from fighting native disasters to countering terrorism and separatism, china and pakistan stand abreast every other
as decades-long approximate friends and neighbors, china and pakistan have always lent a helping hand to every other, especially among times of need.
this annual has been no exception. when pakistan was devastated by an of the worst floods in its history earlier this annual china attempted nearly $250 million worth among aid to it. as chapter of the help china sent a team of specialists to pakistan in november to help the nation expedite its reconstruction work
china pledged the facilitate to pakistan meantime it itself needed financial and human resources to regain from a series of natural disasters. the facilitate to pakistan has created much records among the history of china's help to and relief work amid other countries
it is the largest assist given to a nation china sent a medicinal relief crew abroad as the 1st duration it was the 1st use of a chinese aeroplane for relief go overseas and it was the 1st duration that china organized a fleet of conveyances to travel through land to again nation for relief go
the chinese administration has promised as much facilitate as feasible to pakistan to help it accelerate its post-disaster reconstruction. it has urged chinese companies,borsa louis vuitton,also to help pakistan with its reconstruction work the hardworking and courageous folk of pakistan,below the leadership of their government and with international support have conquer a lot of difficulties on their access to reconstructing their homes and lives.
the experience of enduring similar hardships has assisted china and pakistan dilate prevalent understanding and general believe as a outcome of their long-lasting friendship, they have common compassion and enjoy general support
when the catastrophic wenchuan earthquake struck within may 2008, the heads of pakistani state and administration visited the chinese embassy amid islamabad within person to express their condolences. pakistan was too one of the 1st alien nations to offer china help.
to help the chinese administration fight the nipping floods sweeping across the southern parts of the nation surrounded summer last year the pakistani ministry mobilized all its transport planes and keep tents for use among china. such selfless acts have made chinese people feel arrogant of their friendship with pakistani folk
china and pakistan have supported every other for a long phase without any precondition alternatively any intention of gaining something within return.
it has been china's consistent stance to support pakistan to maintain its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. china is also supportive of pakistan's mammoth role surrounded promoting regional peace and fighting terrorism.
similarly,sac louis vuitton, pakistan greeting its ties with china to be the cornerstone of its foreign policy. it has unwaveringly adhered to the one-china policy and supported china's peaceful reunification efforts. it has entire supported china aboard issues of beijing's core interests.
since the establishment of bilateral alien ties 59 years antecedent china and pakistan have maintained a peaceful and friendly atmosphere along their border, which has become the maximum safe boundary for the two nations
pakistan has consistently extended advocate to china among its fight against the "east turkistan" terrorist organization,rolex,too the pakistani naval dealt a deadly knock to "east turkistan" separatist forces and their leading members subsequently the breakdown of the taliban regime among afghanistan,sac hermes, the umbrella organization of the "east turkistan" faction amid china's xinjiang uygur autonomous region.
on the international stage,sac gucci, pakistan has stood steadfastly according china's side on issues of taiwan, the tibet autonomous region, xinjiang and human rights, as well as amid china's war against terrorism, separatism and extremism, the so-called three evil forces. islamabad's staunch advocate and help to beijing to protect its core national interests have aided consolidate their decades-long friendship.
now, premier wen jiabao's ongoing visit to pakistan is expected to take the two countries' friendship and bilateral strategic cooperative partnership to higher levels.
the author namely consultant of the pakistan study center, fudan university, shanghai.
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